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Navy & Taupe - a perfect match!

I love spaces that look like they were carefully curated over time. Comprised of items collected through a lifetime of experiences. Soft, elegant, quirky and full of character.

So it's no wonder that a punch of navy balanced with the earthiness of taupe is one of my favorite decorating combinations. It works well with most existing flooring and wall colors whether they are warm or cool in nature.


A navy and taupe color scheme is easy tones to incorporate into your existing space. It inherently works well with wood floors of all types and carpeting in cool or warm shades.


I like to mark the year with a few seasonal accessories. A navy and taupe background works beautifully with almost all of the seasonal colors so you don't have to re-organize your whole home, simply add on a few layers based on the calendar.


In decorating, there are "investment" pieces and "accent" pieces. Investment pieces are ones that are larger and usually more expensive. Couches, cabinetry, light fixtures. If you make your investment upholstered pieces like couches in neutrals and then you're free to punch it up with less expensive accessories in coordinating colors. Accent pieces are usually smaller but more noticeable items like lamps, pillows, a throw blanket, art. Accent pieces in this color scheme are easy to find and in-budget.

These are a few of the favorite finds we use in our home and when staging our furniture:


A few select throw pillows and accessories in natural wood tones set the stage for a lovely relaxed space.


Small moments of greenery add charm and warmth to any space. And if you're horticulturally challenged like myself, these artificial lovelies are the perfect go-to! Whether as a coffee-table centerpiece or as a cute book-end, a perfect pop of color. Set of 2 for under 15 - find them here


Disclaimer : I have personally researched, purchased and use the products suggested above. I am also an Amazon Affiliate. Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale from Amazon. This has no effect on the price for you.

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