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Dorm Decor - Big Impact for Little Money

Every day I see posts from people looking for inexpensive room decor. They are scouring stores, spending hundreds of dollars on the items and the special command hooks or devices to hang them. Come join our conversation about it on our fb group : Dorm Ideas Tips & Solutions . Before you go down the decor rabbit hole running from store to store and spending more than you planned :

1 Take things from home. Start in your home bedroom and take what you like. Don't be afraid that you're disassembling your childhood space. It will all come back one day! It's also a good opportunity to spend that money on higher end replacements for your home bedroom than on temporary items for your dorm.

- pillows, plants, throw blankets, photos, artwork

2 Don't overlook party supplies. Paper lanterns, tissuepaper puffballs, or party backdrop walls are a fast, super inexpensive way to get a lot of color into a space. And... they're so lightweight that you often only need painter's tape. PLUS - you can just throw them out at the end of the year.

3 Tapestries - a lot of vendors make thin fabric tapestries that cover a large space with big impact for relatively low price. An entire wall of impact art for under 25 and easy to hang on dorm walls?! Yes, please. Tapestries and flags are a great way for minimalist guys to get in some personality without feeling like they are surrounded by clutter. These are some of our favorites!

4 Wall galleries - Wall galleries are a series of smaller pieces put together for a cohesive look. You can purchase ready made galleries in your colors or you can create your own by printing 8x10 photos and combining them with scrapbook papers or inspirational sayings. They are lightweight paper and attach to the wall using painter's tape. Easy, inexpensive and really personal!

Disclaimer : I have personally researched, purchased and use the products suggested above. I am also an Amazon Affiliate. Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale from Amazon. This has no effect on the price for you.

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