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Boho & Earth Toned Dorm Ideas

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Moving into a dorm or college apartment is an exciting time! But it can also seem overwhelming mentally and financially. So let's share some ideas that will give you the calm, relaxing chic boho or earth toned space while still staying on budget!

Before we begin, though, take a minute to look long and hard at your transportation to your new abode. Do you live in-state where you can drive? If so, are you transporting in a large van or a tiny hatchback? If you are flying, how much carry-on are you allowed vs shipping items? It's easy to jump into decor and design without remembering that everything you take there must also be moved back home. So we always suggest a less-is-more approach. You can always purchase needed items once there or hop on the internet for things to be delivered. That way you know what you bring is what you actually NEED.

So what makes Boho or Earth Toned Dorm Rooms work?

  1. The color pallet inherently incorporates existing brown dorm furniture

  2. It has a calming, cozy feeling

  3. Easy to incorporate storage baskets

This look is a fun and modern way to decorate your college dorm room. Bohemian style is creative, authentic and free-spirited, and relies on an organic vibe that’s textured, layered and comfortable. Earth toned spaces offer deep, rich grounding energy that is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of college life.

When you think about this style you may picture neutral, textured throw pillows, macrame wall hangings and tons of plants and greenery. That’s a great place to start as you begin to pull together your bohemian dorm room. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to have certain items or a specific color palette to create a boho-inspired or earthy dorm room. True organic style is authentic, not just what’s trendy. It’s about creating a vibe where your feel comfortable and can thrive – exactly what you want in a small space like a dorm room, especially if it’s your first time living away from home! This is a great way to express yourself with a mix of patterns, materials and colors to reflect your personal style.

TAPESTRIES : lightweight, easy to transport and hang, fill a lot of wall space!

RUGS : textured rugs add softness and comfort even if it's just a bedside runner

BEDDING: layer comforters and throw blankets to manage changing season

This is a great time to express yourself with a mix of patterns, materials and colors to reflect your personal style. These are some of our favorites :

Now that you've got some style ideas, be sure to double check the necessities on your packing list!




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