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Caring For Your New or Refinished Furniture!

Thank you for adopting a ReOrigami furniture piece into your home! we know your family wil love it for generations.

Your new item has been refinished in oil based enamel paints, stains and sealants which make it food-safe, baby-safe and UV light fade resistant.

Warm water and a soft cloth is all you need for routine cleaning. If you have a stubborn stain or spill, add a little mild dish detergent to a cloth wipe.

Although your finish is exceptionally durable, we do ask that you stay away from cleaners with a high concentration of bleach ro alcohol as they can eat through the finish over time. Please avoid oil based cleaners like furniture polish and also Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. If your item has glass or mirror, simply spray your wipe with glass cleaner first and then use the wipe to clean the glass, avoiding any painted wood areas where possible.  

Once in your home, please wait 12 hours before placing heavy permanent decor objects on your new piece. It will continue to harden and cure in your home's temperature and humidity. Then you're all set to enjoy!

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