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It's Lit... Top Lighting Finds

Lighting... it's an investment that completely transforms the feeling of a space. With such a wide range of materials, sizes and even light colors it can feel overwhelming to choose the perfect illuminary for your home. This is a quick overview of our top lighting options for your decor style :

Chandeliers :

Usually found in entryway, dining and spaces with vaulted ceilings, chandeliers historically had multiple light sources in one unit to better illuminate those larger spaces without feeling like a spotlight from above. While overall style is the leading factor when choosing a chandelier, you'll also want to consider how expensive or difficult it is to change bulbs or dust the unit. Semi-flush is the keyword for getting a chandelier look on traditional height ceilings. Bonus points for installing a dimmer which is the ideal way to get a cozy atmosphere!

Pendants :

Like a spotlight, pendants hang down from the ceiling over a workspace or focal area. Usually they are found in kitchens over a sink or eat-in bar area. They can also be ideal over smaller dining areas and desktop craft areas. Task lighting is great to have on a dimmer to prevent eye strain as well.

Table Lamps :

Tabletop lamps are the ideal way to disperse light around your space at designated task areas. Eliminate overhead glare and opt instead for cozy waist high wattage when entertaining, reading or watching tv. The rule of thumb is to situate the lamp and table to where the top of the lamp should be between 58" and 64" from the ground. And with most end tables and bed side tables being around 28" tall, that leaves you with at least a good 30" to work with. Measure the height of your table and plan accordingly. If you got the math right in #1, then your lamp shade will sit at about eye-level. This not only protects your eye from the blaring light of the bulb, but it also allows the light to perfectly illuminate everything below (like that book you stayed up all night reading). Test out sitting on your bed or sofa and measure where eye-level is for you. That will help you determine if you need a tall base and short shade, or visa versa.

Desktop Lighting :

Whether you're working at a computer, solving a puzzle or reading a book, good desktop lighting is imperative. Overhead lighting casts a shadow of yourself onto the worktop so a small desktop lamp is a better solution. Something at or below eye level pointing downwards is ideal. You may want to play with bulb wattage and warmth to find one that reduces eye strain. Many options now have convenient usb charging ports in the base.

Exterior Lighting :

Safety first but ambiance is a close second. When choosing outdoor lighting consider walkways, sitting areas, entry-points and safety areas that need to be lit. Shatterproof LED lights are ideal. They don't all have to be on all of the time, but in an emergency or when enjoying the outdoors as it gets dark earlier, those options will be appreciated!

Think of lighting as the ambiance creator of your space. Bright and sunny, elegant or moody the right lighting will accentuate the best parts of your home!


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