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On A Roll

A place for everything and everything in it's place... it's a beautiful mantra set up decades before Marie Kondo and The Home Edit took Netflix by storm but it's still the fundamental principle of having an organized space. Great... but what do you do when you don't HAVE a place for everything? Or are working with smaller spaces and places?

Well, you work with what you have and this tip is going to help!

A contented home is easy. Not quite "daily dig into the clean laundry basket" easy but close. So today we're taking a look at rolling your clothes.


If you've watched Marie Kondo fold clothes it's mesmerizing. It's a slow, gentle, methodical ritual that results in crisp creases and perfect squares. But, if you're like me multitasking while throwing clothes at a closet, rolling may be more your style because it's fast, efficient and requires zero mental effort.

Child Friendly

Children like to help. They really do. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and ownership over their items and they LOVE to roll their clothes. It takes them just a few seconds each piece and requires less precision than traditional folding. Laundry becomes less of a chore and can be mastered the first day.

Easy Mornings

You're running late and trying to find that ONE shirt. Don't see it in the drawer - don't see it in the closet - don't see it in the clean laundry - double check the dirty laundry?! Rolled clothes also make finding what you need a snap. You can easily pluck out what you need without disrupting a tight pile of folded items. No more digging down to the bottom of a drawer to find that elusive t-shirt or only wearing items at the top of the drawer over and over again. Rolling clothes means nothing is 'out of sight out of mind'. Everything is visible.

Small Spaces

I was completely SHOCKED at how much less space rolled clothes take up. If you are struggling with not enough storage space I HIGHLY encourage you to try rolling just one drawer as an experiment. In my own space I was able to easily get twice as many items per drawer as I could before. It was even more surprising in the kids' spaces.

On the go!

If you travel often, rolling your clothes for daily storage makes it even easier to pack for travel. No more re-folding. Simply grab and go. And your clothes stay smoother with fewer wrinkles than traditional packing techniques.

Fold or Roll?

Folding or Rolling? Both techniques have their charm and their place. Try each and see what works best for you. I personally prefer to roll everything because of the types of clothes I wear. It gives me tight little rosebud pieces I can stack on end and see easily.

Do you already fold or roll your clothes? What tricks have you found to make storage easy? I highly recommend checking out both Marie Kondo and The Home Edit for a Neflix Binge & both have some really great drawer divider products at The Container Store as well. These tips won't take "laundry" off your to-do list forever, but it certainly makes it faster, more fun and easier to delegate

to any little people in your home!


Disclaimer : I have personally researched, purchased and use the products suggested above. I am also an Amazon Affiliate. Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale from Amazon. This has no effect on the price for you.

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