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Inherited to Inspired : incorporating unintentional furniture!

One of the most asked questions we hear is "how do I work inherited furniture into my updated space?!". Consider yourself fortunate if Great Aunt Ida's oversized dark china cabinet, Grandpa's handmade chest of drawers is in your space or if you've hung onto a fab mid-century nighstand. If they have sentimental value, then they certainly can work in your home. And not just hiding in a random guest room... center stage and creating a space that you smile about.

You aren't a one dimensional being and you don't live in a one-dimensional home. You can take elements from one design style and blend it with more current pieces to create a distinct look that everyone can enjoy!

Location, location, LOCATION!

When your working with a piece you didn't plan for, the first step is finding a physical space for it. If it's large, I recommend measuring the item and then making a list of literally every wall or space in your home where it "could" fit. Then make a separate list of ways it could be used. Are you sitting there thinking that it's a pointless step? Have a little faith. that one simple process will open up new ideas for you. It's how I ended up with an 1800s Hoosier Cabinet in my main hallway holding toys and I couldn't be happier! Think outside of the box! What do your spaces actually need? Storage? Display? Room separation?

Check out our separate post here about ideas on innovative uses for traditional pieces.

Color & Style

Now that you know "where" the piece will go, it's time to figure out "how" it's going to fit in with the rest of your space. If it is the same general style and color scheme you're golden! Often, though pieces aren't from the same genre and that's actually even better. Modern farmhouse, Traditional and even formal settings can benefit from a splash of the unexpected. Every light toned room is grounded by one dark or wood piece. Place the piece and live with it for a few weeks to see how it grows on you. If it's still not right then you can consider a full refinish in a new color but sometimes just the simple act of changing out hardware can help a wallflower be the Homecoming Queen.

Do you have an inherited piece in your space that you've grown to love? Tell us about it!!


Disclaimer : I have personally researched, purchased and use the products suggested above. I am also an Amazon Affiliate. Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale from Amazon. This has no effect on the price for you.

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