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Baby Got Back - Instantly update china cabinets and bookcases!

Bookcases, hutches and china cabinets are some of my most favorite pieces because they are so versatile! (Just peek here at innovative places in your home to utilize them!) But sometimes they get dark, cluttered and just plain tired looking. (Lord, after 2020 don't we all?!). But we've got your back! Literally! If refinishing your entire cabinet isn't in the cards, think about simply changing out the back for a instant ReFresh!


Lining the back of your piece with fabric can add interest and tie together the colors of your room. Burlap is my go-to because it's a soft neutral with a hint of texture. Soft florals all the way to bold geometrics ReEnergize everything inside.

Take a look at the back of your piece. If there are screws, the easiest method is to unscrew the back, attach the fabric using spray adhesive, trim the edges to size and then simply screw it back into place. If your back is attached with staples or finishing nails and you don't feel confident in removing it safely, then measure and cut the fabric to size and glue in individual pieces between the shelves. Afraid to commit? Use liquid starch as a temporary adhesive! Brush the starch onto the back panel, lay down the fabric and then brush more starch on top of the fabric. Let dry completely. Then simply pull off when your tastes change!


Painted backs offer unlimited options at minimal cost. Think about what colors would show off your display items best! Be sure to add a layer of clear sealant to protect your work from sliding books, frames and treasures knocking into it. The same process applies - if the back is removable, simply remove it, paint and reinstall. If not - no worries! That's why painter's tape was invented! Tape off each area from the sides and shelves and paint away!

Light colors make the space feel larger and more open, letting your items be the star. Bold colors draw the eye and become the center of attention.

Baby Got Front Too...

Changing out the front of cabinets is also a great way to ReNovate a look. Adding or removing doors is a dramatic change but there are also more simple examples. If you need hidden storage but have glass, consider removable opaque film. It still lets light through while keeping clutter out of sight.

Going casual or farmhouse in your space and want to incorporate a traditional piece? Remove the glass (store somewhere safely in case you want to change it back later) and install wire or fabric into the existing door frames with upholstery staples.


Disclaimer : I have personally researched, purchased and use the products suggested above. I am also an Amazon Affiliate. Some of the links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale from Amazon. This has no effect on the price for you.

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