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Aloe you very much

Ya'll. I can grow people just fine but I struggle with plants. What about you? Are you a big dill in the plant world or does the thought of keeping something dirt-bound alive kale your vibe?

Well, studies have proven that indoor plants boost moods, increase creativity, reduce air pollutants and reduce stress! Not to mention they do enhance your lovely home. They don't just look good, they are good for us!

Here is a list of our top 5 EASY indoor plant options for people like me who tend to bungle up the jungle.

POTHOS - aka Devil's Ivy

With a name like devil's ivy, this trailing vine is sure to be resilient. It can withstand very low light conditions and is tolerant of over or under watering. It sounds like the perfect lifelong friend.

AGLAONEMA -aka Chineese Evergreen

If you are like me and follow the mantra "when in doubt, water" Aglaonema may be the answer. First, it sounds like a Harry Potter spell, second it can withstand excess watering and comes in a spectrum of colors like pink, white, red and green.


Calling all visual-learners! Jade plants can sometimes survive more than a month without any attention or water. They store hydration in round leaves and appear wilted and feel spongy to the touch when dehydrated. If they finally do get water they refill and start to grow. Simply pop this beauty in a sunny window and water when the soil feels dry! (Or when you finally remember!)


The Chinese money plant is not only easy to grow, you can replant the offshoots that sprout from the base and repot them! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! They do great indoors with weekly watering. I think I can handle that.


I love for things to be beautiful AND functional so I'm a big fan of having aloe on hand. It offers great visual texture to a space and is a great source of antioxidants and nutrients for your skin. Great relief for sun exposed shoulders. Aloe prefers indirect light and is very happy on bedside tables or desks. A simple soak every week or two is all it needs!

Whether you have a green thumb or an absent mind, these 5 house plants are sure to brighten up your space, improve your air quality and boost your mood! What other plants do you love to have in your home?


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